Vòi phun điều chỉnh góc ROTARY NOZZLE

RN200-ADJ                : VÒI PHUN ĐIỀU CHỈNH GÓC – Bán kính phun 5,2 đến 6,4m
RN300-ADJ                : VÒI PHUN ĐIỀU CHỈNH – Góc quay 80-360 độ
RN300-FIX360           : VÒI PHUN ĐIỀU CHỈNH – Góc quay 360 độ
RN300-ADJ-90-270   : VÒI PHUN ĐIỀU CHỈNH – Góc quay 90-270 độ
RNS-SS-530              : VÒI PHUN ĐIỀU CHỈNH GÓC – Bán kính phun 5x30m


K-Rain’s series is the only combination of rotary nozzles allowing the contractor to carry fewer sku’s in their trucks. The 90° – 270° adjustable arc will fulfill 80% – 90% of all arc adjustments usually required! The full 360° and specialty models complete the variety of pattern options.

K-Rain’s revolutionary multi-stream technology will maximize a sprinkler system’s efficiency while beautifying lawns and landscapes. Multi-trajectory rotating streams provide superior uniformity. Automatic matched precipitation even after arc & radius adjustment. Removable inlet filter for easy cleaning.

This model is the adjustable arc 80 to 360 degree with a radius of 16′ – 19′.


  • Durable Design – Molded with high-impact engineered resin for long life.
  • Superior Uniformity – Multi-stream technology provides outstanding coverage eliminating brown spots.
  • Matched Precipitation – Low precipitation rate is proportionate even after arc and radius adjustment.
  • Water-smart Technology – Reduce water usage up to 30% without sacrificing turf quality.
  • Double pop-up Design – Delivers additional protection from dirt/particulate intrusion and harsh conditions.
  • Simple to Adjust – Easiest adjustment in the industry.
  • Color-Coded – Easily identify 6 standard nozzles and 3 specialty nozzles in the field.